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Preparation & Integration

For any self exploration it is helpful to build relationships of trust so you can go deeper into your process. That is why I know it to be vital to be as prepared as you might be to enter into the realm of exploring the unconscious, particularly if you are considering a psychedelic experience.

Psychedelics are being widely used to treat depression and addiction and have also been prescribed for palliative care. However no one treatment is a panacea.


We are only ever working with that which is on the edge of our awareness. By utilising more of this semi- unconscious awareness Talking therapy can help pave the way for those of us that are interested in learning and accessing more. Exploring our dreams and yet awakened yearnings,  with imagery, and using the countertransference that is available within our relationship we can begin to uncover more of the unconscious and help you discern what path is right for you. 


There is no short cut to self-realisation. It is the processing and integration of the journey,  what is seen and known, so that we may fully benefit from the insights. For some of us this exploration will be to better understand ourselves and our relationships, and this integration process is better served within relationship

This is talking therapy. 

It's all about you...honing in on your intention

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