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Supporting your practice, personal and client needs


I know how impactful it can be to have a supervisor who is collegial, warm, instightful and challenging. This is how I will support your practice.

 I believe that the supervisory relationship is at the heart of the therapeutic dynamic. From experience I understand trust to be built with honest and direct communication, that helps to create a space where you can be vulnerable to openly explore the complex landscape of client work.

That also includes ones personal process and relationship to what emerges.


A welcoming space to explore your challenges and successes. To help resource you and develop confidence in your practice.

Joint Endeavour

Supervision is a joint, relational, co-created endeavour. As well as supporting your client work, and your clients, we will also support you. This will include a systemic perspective that holds both you and your clients in the context of your life experiences and the wider context in which the work materialises. 

Radical Honesty

Authentic relationships underpin effective supervision; as such you may epxerience me as empathic, honest and direct. You may find the process challenging at times, so you will be willing to deepen your practice and insight, as we explore your edges and learn together. 

Dynamic Unconscious

I am particularly interested in the dynamic, unconscious process elements within the work. If this is something that interests you too, do get in touch. Of course we will help navigate your areas of growth and supervision needs alongside those of any organisation you may work with.

I am currently conducting supervision sessions online. Sessions are 60minutes and cost £70. Text or email to set up an initial meeting. 

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